Just upgraded from Lede to OpenWRT, ipsec interfaces gone


Just upgraded from Lede to OpenWRT, ipsec interfaces gone
I am using strongswan to connect to ipsec. In Lede I had an interface for each ipsec connection but now I no longer do.

The interfaces I have in Luci says Error: Network device is not present
Also if I run ifconfig -a they are not showing up.

VPN seem to work from the local network though, but I now do not know how to configure the firewall for example to give access to the vpn for different LAN machines since I have no interface to refer to in Luci.

Any ideas? I bet something updated so that I need to change some config?

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Did you install all the relevant packages? The upgrade process only upgrades base.packages, not those installed afterwards.


Yes all required packages installed @eduperez and ipsec works, but the interface does not seem to match the ipsec interface that was there before. Since it sais Error; Network device not present.

I also think that this prevents the firewall zones to work. I noticed I cannot reach local addresses from servers in the VPN.

Did you keep the settings when you upgraded from the 17 version to 19?

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Yes I did @trendy

This is not advised, as between major releases there are changes in the configuration files.
I would suggest to take a backup of the configuration, reset router to defaults, and then start configuring the device from scratch manually using the backup as a guide.


I understand @trendy but I have a lot of settings and most of it seem to work fine.

I would love to be able to fix my VPN interfaces instead if possible

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Except this one which you are opening a topic for. So do the 'double blind' test please and try with a clean slate. You can back up your config and restore from there - copying your settings bit by bit, not by replacing your configuration files.

You'll spend way more time on finding out which bolt has gotten stuck screwed the wrong way than when you'd rebuild, configuration files next to your new setup for reference.


Actually none of the strongswan configs have changed. I have diffed every single file in /etc from a stock install and my install and everything looks correct to me. At least I do not see any difference from the stock install that I have not done myself. The exception is sysctl.conf where I have these lines and the stock install has it empty:





# disable bridge firewalling by default

What I am thinking is that something changed regarding setting up interfaces from Lede to OpenWRT 19.07.4. If I could find a modern goide on how to set up routed ipsec on OpenWRT 19.07 I am sure it would be easy to set this up, but I do not think installing OpenWRT from scratch will help me here since I have already reviewed all changes in /etc comparing to stock install.

Any ideas on what might have changed setting up strongswan on OpenWRT?
Maybe something changed in the StrongSwan version so that the interfaces are not created any more?

I now realised I am missing some packages from the old install, for example vti.
I installed vti but still it will not create the interfaces.

I realise this is probably more of a strongswan configuration issue than an upgrade issue. I think however something has changed in either openwrt or the strongswan version in the new releae.

Turned out I was also missing bash, and I had an up-down script that was running via bash.

So after installing bash everything is up and running again

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