Issues setting up PPPoE VLAN Id for Century Link fiber


I have a Linksys E8450 and for starters I am trying to replace my centurylink modem and connect it to the internet using PPPoE. I have the correct credentials (because I have set it up using another router not using openWRT), but I cannot find how to setup the VLAN id to 201 and therefore this router is not able to connect. I've looked through other posts and it seems like everyone has a Network > switches menu that I don't seem to have.

Firmware version: OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r18728-fb6cf22866

Please let me know if there is any additional information that would be helpful for troubleshooting. Thank you!


The most direct way to do this is to change the wan device from wan to wan.201. Go to Network-Interfaces and edit the wan. You will need to type the new number at the bottom of the pull-down box, then press enter. (if you just click on it the setting won't take).

This model has DSA switching, so instructions you may find about configuring a switch (Network-Switch page) are not applicable.


haha, I banged my head against this for many hours and then you swoop in and save me in 3 minutes. Thank you, you are the best!

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