Is tplink AX23 v1.2 the same as v1 support wise

the toh says AX23 v1 is supported, are fractional versions considered the same support wise, or is it considered a whole new/different version?

In general, yes - unless otherwise noted. The problem just is, you won't know if anything changed (~needs adapting), before someone fell into that trap. Sometimes differences are negligible (e.g. green LEDs instead of blue ones, a different PSU, etc.), sometimes they do require updates (e.g. a different flash chip) - in some cases the hardware might differ more significantly.

v1.2 works just fine with active branches (22.03,23.05), difference between v1.0 may be in packaging: v1.2 comes with 12V/1A power adapter, previous versions seems to use 12V/1.5A one.

  • router consumes ~0.33A@12V at idle and roughly ~0.52A@12V at full load (WiFi5-download test)
  • there's only 1.1V and 3.3V voltage regulators present on the boards so it could be powered even from 5V source (I didn't checked it though, but 9V confirmed) - that also means no easy USB support
  • It is possible to use custom bootloader (WIP) to gain full firmware control

Can confirm that it is working fine, I flashed a couple of v1.2 (EU) this week, whereas a couple of weeks ago I still had v1.0 (EU) - all images build from snapshots of v23.05.

Can you help me install Openwrt on Ax23 v.1.20?

All of the directions are in the device page in the table of hardware.[]=tp&s[]=link&s[]=archer&s[]=ax23&s[]=v1

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Is there a problem with openwrt on the Ax23 v1.20 modem? Install or not?

Is there a problem with openwrt on the Ax23 v1.20 modem? Install or not? what should I do?

It works just fine, at present it is not possible to revert to OEM firmware as if no OpenWRT ever passed by.

I want to use sqm qos in openwrt and I want to stay in the same openwrt
My router is Archer ax23 v1.20
Is it ok to install it?

Yes, it is safe, warnings on wiki page just try to scare you away from making mistakes by doing kind of intuitive actions. The more warnings are there the more users use the device.
If you check here Tp-link AX23 wrong firmware version number after reverting - #35 by brada4 you see that hardware 1.2 has already been tested.

Can you share a picture of bufferbloat with me?

I dont own device. I think use search and ask in AX23 porting thread, not this bug discussion.

Random 4G 2.4GHz CPE:

At the moment, it is important for me to install, which you said is ok

You cannot un-install. If you have great bufferbloat grades with OEM firmware you can postpone installing until this issue is sorted out.

In this test, I can't do anything with OEM
I said that it might be better to install Openwrt until the new update comes and these problems are solved
I have no intention of going back to the first version

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Cool, go for it.

Thank you for information