PPPoE Connections issues on OpenWrt

I installed openwrt and my protocol is pppoE, but I get a user request error
what should i do?

Please picture?

Aparently your provider does not support ip6, if it does find documentation and play protocols to match their recommended.

Both protocols give this error

The interface should be like "wan" or "eth0.1", not br-wan6 etc.

I called the isp
Saying that my MAC address is not visible in their system

Yes, you do not connect dhcp clients to wan adapter, I would suggest to reset the router to defaults System/Backup/flash firmware/perform reset
Then WAN port(s) will have dhcp clients attached and acquire IP addres(e)s
Then from LAN ports you can bring up wifi.

But my protocol must be pppoE because this is how the previous modem was connected and the ISP said it is the same protocol.

Firstly the WAN device is wrong. If you get correct device there you can edit WAN connection to change its type to pppoe, then autodiscover parameters.

Go to "edit" in wan, change dhcp client to PPPoE and detect parameters.

Looks like it. Try google or so...
If it does not detect connections check with your provider.

I searched all over Google
Solutions are useless

Check if you can access internet right away. Not search for solutions.

Yes, I am connected with my previous modem right now

So disconnect that and do the pppoe concentrator discovery

I for the test
I constantly change modems

OK, so what is the result with pppoe connection? Any webpage from provider that you need vlan or smth?