Is TP-Link Archer C6 v4 be supported eventually?

Hey. So I bought a TP-Link Archer C6, since it has 1 Gigabit ports, OpenWRT Support, as well as 5 Ghz, generally all I need. I had a TL-WR841N installed before as router in my home network. Not as modem.

Now I wanted to replace that with the Archer C6, because I upgraded to 250K Ethernet. The WR841N only supported up to 10 MB/s, limiting my Ethernet as well as NAS Speed to that. Now with the 1 Gigabit, I wanted to not onply upgrade my NAS Speed, but also use my whole Ethernet speed.

I checked the Table of Hardware, which states the Archer C6 v2 and v3 is supported. When my Archer arrived, I was rather surprised to see it is v4.
I dont know when that version came out, so Im here to ask if OpenWRT plans to make it a supported device soon?

Otherwise id have to send this Archer back, and somehow aquire a v2 or v3, be luck I guess, since services like Amazon dont let you select a specific hardware version, they just send you whatever is available.

and you should

there's plenty of fish in the sea, which Amazon are you using, specifically ?

How do you mean? It was bought off Amazon, simple as that. Im not really familiar with other websites where I could buy a Router, not in Germany atleast. And where I specifically could select the hardware version.

Not what I meant.

There's plenty of (supported) routers at Amazon, but there's also plenty of Amazons, the options will vary, depending on where you live (and shop)

The Archer C6 was selected by choice.
It had everything I needed exactly. With the old TP Link, I had 4 Devices connected, plus a WAN Input that comes from my main FritzBox. With the TP Link giving my devices a different IP Range, and 2 Wireless networks, onme being a isolated ones for IoT Devices.

I dont mind recommendations for others, but me and a contact looked for a bit and found this to be the best thing. If you have others to suggest, that have 4 LAN Ports with 1 Gigabit, a WAN Input, and OpenWRT (or in the best case LEDE) Support, I dont mind checking them out

does it have to be Amazon ?

There's for instance or
wifi speed wise, they're pretty much the same.

Not at all. But Amazon is definetley the safest route to go from where I live. Ebay is sometimes questionable, but generally I dont have a problem using them. The C6 was also the cheapest option, since I didnt wanna spend too much on a router replacement.
Ive never dealt with routers that are not FritzBox or TP-Link. So if the question is too simple, im aware:

Can I simply flash OpenWRT on these as well, and they function the same way? What about hardware versions there that may make it incompatible?

I don't own any of these, I just know they're supported, and yes, they will work the same way.

Not all manufacturers play the version game, if there's no additional info on the device
page, all / any version's supported.

Alright, cool. The main reason I used amazon is that I can easily send something back if it doesnt work, as with this C6. If I buy a router of Ebay and it doesnt work, sending it back is alot more difficult, if not impossible.

I have a network in which I had several dozen Archer C6U V1 and v 3.20. Of all, I remove OPENWRT because it works tragically. Constant wifi disconnection and WAN port problem People call saying they have constant problems. I am now installing the original TP-LINK firmware. OPENWRT for Archer was a big mistake. The successful version of OPENWRT that I recommend is only reboot 17.pod TL-WR841n !!! The rest are just problems

Cool, we have quite a different experience than yours tho.


What's the flash of the 'US' model?

Today I received an Archer C6 Ver 4 US router. I opened this router and took a picture of the motherboard. It seems to have 16 MB of flash memory. If you have any information, please share it on this page so that the appropriate operating system for this router model can be produced

Try (re)reading the whole thread.

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Is it possible to build a Openwrt operating system for ( Archer C6 Ver.4 US ) in the future?

plz help me :pray: :pray:

Based on what you've (hopefully) read so far, what do you think ?

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I had bought it. Still have it

The same thing just happened to me. I bought this from which looks like the Archer C6 v2 shown on the OpenWRT docs, but I instead recieved an "Archer C6(EU) v4" which looks different and judging from above discussion seems to not be supported by OpenWRT.

So I guess I'll have to send it right back and look elsewhere for an affordable OpenWRT supported routed with those specs...

UPDATE: since I was not 100% sure if I understood correctly that the Archer C6 v4 is not supported by OpenWRT before returning it, I did some more searching and finally found the definite answer on the OpenWRT page for the v3 which reads:

Warning Be careful when buying.
You might receive the successor Archer C6 v4 which looks identical from the outside but won't ever be supported due to a new kind of CPU being used and the flash being too small.

The Archer C6v3 went EOL somewhere between late 2022 and early 2023 according to the business vendor I use to get TP-Link routers - they contacted TP-Link for that. When I last ordered a batch from Amazon around the same time, it was all v4 and I subsequently returned them. This might be limited to the german market, but after a year has passed since then, it is probably safe to say that only v4s are available and shipped nowadays in other countries/markets, too.

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Thanks for the reply! I think I'll buy an Xiaomi AX3000T from Aliexpress now, I can get that for 40€ just like the Archer C6 from Amazon, but it seems it has much better specs, though reading OpenWrt support for Xiaomi AX3000T it seems there are still some driver problems surrounding the 160MHz channel-width feature and as of yet there seem to be only snapshot builds available.