Adding Support for Archer C6 v4


I have a "TP-Link Archer C6 v4.0" here.
This is currently not supported by OpenWRT.

Can someone help me to adjust the firmware?

The CPU is a TP-Link TP1900BN, an ARM CPU
The network chip Realtek RTL8397S
The WLAN chips: Mediatek MT7762N and MT7761N
The flash memory is 8 Mbytes
I have a serial connection to the chip.

I found out a few things:

uboot log:

start log

info CMD

Kind regards

That's a Mediatek CPU also marketed as MT7626. I'm not sure about its current support status, but you will have a real limit with the 32MiB DRAM. See also this thread for a similar device: TP-LINK Archer C80(2020) - will it be supported?

There is no support for this SOC so far, and for an 8/32, there will never be.

Is it possible to build a openwrt operating system for (Archer C6 Ver.4 US ) in the future?
This is important to me


The new US version has 64 MB of RAM.

Is there a way to install OPENWRT?