Is this download numbers?

I seen this URL - does builds refer to total download numbers (so for example 456 builds/downloads in last 24 hours and 6794 downloads in last 30 days?)

I'm doing a thesis on FOSS (free-and-open source software) and one of the projects I'm discussing is OpenWRT so wondered if that represented download figures (at least of builds at

Would downloads from for example be included in builds?

Yes, those are the build counts partitioned up by release, platform, target, build tool... The Firmware Selector is the ofs entry on the bottom right graph. If you click on the various legend entries, you'll see the build counts for each of the various tools by version.

Sorry, I skipped this part. No, the ASU server's statistics only represent custom builds, not total downloads. The main download site will have quite different numbers, as people grab the base images directly from there. (And then there are those who use either image builder or a full dev environment to bypass all of above.) I don't know of anywhere that reports stats for this (but then I haven't looked, either).

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Thanks, that's helpful to know! Will see if such stats exist for that

I remember seeing stats for the site a couple years ago. I just looked and found the page that has the link to the stats page but it looks like the link is broken at the moment:

Edit: It looks like recent changes affected stats: 404 for download stats page

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Download site stats seem to be offline. Intentionally?

It‘s not there anymore as downloads are now served by a CDN cache, so origin server stats became meaningless.