Is there something wrong with my network ? online games unplayable

hello guys,

i remember from 10 years ago when black ops 2 in ps3 was using player as host at that time i able to fix hit reg and lag compensation by reducing the mtu to 1365 from my console at that time i was having Dlink dsl-2730u and my ping was from 80ms-100ms now i can't fix hit reg and lag compensation i tried qosify sqm reducing mtu from my console to 1365
reduce udp buffer nothing works if there a fix that i don't know ?

the gameplay

now i feel in every game that flow of game is fast and i don't have the chance to react and i feel that the enemy see me first before i react and my game doesn't sync well with server

any help would appreciated

You haven't even mentioned if you're running OpenWrt. You need to provide context and details about your network configuration if you want some help. If I simply said "It's hard to breathe" -- you wouldn't know if I had a respiratory issue, allergies, or if I'm being strangled or if I'm scuba diving and running out of air in my tank.


i' running the latest stable version openwrt

i using openwrt as main router wan configuration pppoe-wan that is bridged from modem to openwrt

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No, you're not technically running the latest stable release. You're running a release candidate of 22.03 -- it is pseudo-stable in that it is a persistent release (as compared to the snapshots which are constantly changing), but it may contain bugs or regressions -- that's why it is a "candidate" and not the official stable (i.e. 22.03.0 or 22.03.x).

The way to approach this is to try using 21.02.3 and report if you have issues or not with that version. If you do have problems, that could be related to your configuration, or possibly other factors. But if you don't have problems with the latest stable release, yet the same/similar config with 22.03-rc1 does produce problems, that is something to discuss as a potential bug/regression.


You know they slowly decommission servers as less users play, correct?

You don't show the meter of users connected by hitting select during play. (once briefly at 5:36; but I couldn't see were in a corner, you coulda showed it)

Maybe, I'll see you on and test...I haven't logged on in MONTHS...


PSN: lleachii

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i downgraded to 21.02.3 sqm work better for me but still i have unreg hit in all games you can see what i'm talking about in this video

Has anything changed in your network? What is your ping now? Can you revert to how it was running before? Try another gaming device? Or remove the openwrt router altogether as a test?

since 10 years yes my network has changed as my isp upgraded from adsl2+ to vdsl2 my ping now is around 80ms to 100ms, no i can't revert to adsl2+ i tried my ps4 still the same problem

Unless you have loads of errors on your VDSL link ADSL versus VDSL2 is very unlikely to be part of your problem....

As a quick test you could run gping against a well connected host like from a different computer in your network while you play. If DSL causes issues you should see that high/variable RTTs in gping coincide with epochs of bad / sluggish game controls. If gping stays flat while the game is affected your link likely is fine....

If your game is 'controlled' by centralized game servers it might also be informative to run gping against their IP address while playing, if the game is hosted by a player, gping against that player's IP could be revealing.

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could i test with same pc that i can play on ? or it must be different device if so how about virtual machine is bridged network can be a problem ?

IMO, yes. If you are concerned the OpenWrt may be causing you issues, you should keep everything the same except for the router -- try different versions of OpenWrt, try removing the OpenWrt router entirely (either use another router, or connect to your PC directly to the internet -- but beware that this is could pose a security risk since you won't have a separate firewall between your PC and the internet).

It is important to control all the variables, and to document the results with actual objective data. If you change multiple things at once, you'll never know what actually made the difference. If you find that you get the same results no matter what you do with your router situation, it means the problem is not OpenWrt.

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the command will be gping.exe and game server ?

Based on the previous conversations, sure. But I don't game and therefore I don't worry about these things, personally... no experience in testing gaming specific latency.

Or flash your modem with factory firmware to see if the problem continues. If it occurs on the original firmware as well then openwrt is not the issue.

If it is upstream in your providers network then you will need to talk to them.

Useful data; first two segments of your internet up address. Your sqm settings. Details of every device on your network and a network map.

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So testing on the same machine you play on is not ideal to figure out whether your access link causes your gaming issues. If you see problems both in the game and gping, were these caused by your PC or by the access link... Then again, if you see problems in the game but not in gping neither your link nor your PC would likely be the main cause of the problem....

Not sure gping runs under windows....

There is a version for Windows.



 2 config queue 'eth1'
 3         option qdisc 'cake'
 4         option script 'piece_of_cake.qos'
 5         option enabled '1'
 6         option interface 'eth0.2'
 7         option debug_logging '0'
 8         option verbosity '5'
 9         option download '48000'
10         option upload '5824'
11         option linklayer 'none'

my wan ip address usually starts with 197.37.x.x

currently i have 3 phones and 1 pc

it runs under windows

currently i have 1 pc could i test with virtual machine or the test wouldn't be effective ? i can have 2 etherent adpaters on my pc i can use 1 ethernet adpater exclusivlly for virtual machine

Well, if you only have one PC you do not have that many options, but as I said, if you see problems in both the game and gping, you still do not know where they come from, your PC, your internet link or something else....

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