Is there already support for GL.iNet GL-E750 V2?

The GL-E750 (V1) is already supported, but I could not find anything hinting that there is any support for the V2 version.
I am looking into getting the device, but I want to have the option to install stock OpenWrt on it to maybe go full open-source for the firmware.
Could I potentially just flash the V1 version on the V2, or is there a need for a new build?

There is no official support for the V2 yet.

It could be possible, if the devices are virtually identical.
But someone with the device in their hands has to confirm the exact specs and the flash layout.
The OEM is using the same firmware file for both V1 and V2 - a good sign, that the devices are indeed very similar.

From the website it looks like they only changed the 4G/LTE modems.
Can't say if the new modems will be supported out-of-the box, though.

It has been asked before, but no answers...

You can get the device and help support it.
Or wait until someone else does.

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Alright, when I get the device I will certainly help support it. Until then, I'll keep an eye out for others who have the device and maybe they can contribute too, but I have the same feeling that the image will work for both as the docs suggest:

Mudi V2 (GL-E750V2) and Mudi (GL-E750) run on the same firmware. If you are using Mudi (GL-E750), upgrade your firmware to use the latest features and functionality, and refer to this user guide.

(Also the specs from GL.iNet for the V2 and the V1 specs from the OpenWrt page seem to match)

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I flashed a Mudi v2 (GL-E750V2) with the OpenWrt sysupgrade image for Mudi v1 and the following things are working:

  • WiFi (2.4 GHz)
  • LTE connection (LTE modem) after installing luci-proto-qmi
  • LuCi
  • more things not tested yet

The following things are not working for now:

  • OLED display (stuck at "Booting ...")
  • WiFi (5 GHz)
  • more things not tested yet

Tested version: OpenWrt 23.05.0 sysupgrade ( / install/factory is not working and is showing an error when trying to flash it.

I can help documenting usage of OpenWrt with v2 on the docs for Mudi and testing new versions, as long as they are based on the image, which is already working for basic usage.


Check with lspci for 5ghz device ids, maybe it needs other driver (you can add today via firmware-selector) or modifications to kmod or board data.

At the same point chevk sysupgrade to openwrt and back to oem.

Wh)le in oem ssh and try to determine like gpios tthat drive led screen

This would be great. I can help updating the techdata, if you can confirm it with your device.

There are newer images for this device:

Can you confirm 23.05.3 works as well?

Found the new FCC ID, but the internal photos are not detailed enough :confused: