Is there a way to unbrick an r8000?

I've flashed june 03/17 firmware and somewhere during the process I believe my router bricked. On windows I tried tftp but the router was unreachable. I am not able to ssh into the router and when using ping I get host is unreachable.

I do have an adafruit console cable to use.
I also own an r7000 which also bricked and there is an unbrick guide on another forum.

Would the steps be similar for the r8000?
Would there be anyone willing to do a write-up?

Netgear has a recovery procedure that was successful with someone wanting to go back from DD-WRT to stock firmware. Maybe you can give it a try, go back to stock, then reflash LEDE again after:

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hook up your serial cable.

setup a tftp server and point to the directory where you have the image for the r8000

open putty. select "serial" make sure you have the right com port and baud rate(115200)

turn on router. interrupt the bootup when prompted, if memory serves me correct, it is ctrl c.

type "tftpd" into the putty window.

use the tftp server and "put" the image file.

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were you able to unbrick your R7000 and R8000 ?