Is it possible to install OpenWrt for the Cisco Meraki MR52 on the MR53?

They seem very similar but I don't know if MR52 firmware would work on a MR53. I have opened my MR53 but I couldn't find any serial pins anywhere. So if it is possible to install MR52 firmware on an MR53 without bricking it and if are there any pictures of where the serial pins are?

The default answer is 'no', there are no generic images. If someone would know, they'd have done the porting work - now that someone would be you.

I would learn how to code in whatever language OpenWRT uses (I think C?) but I'm scared of bricking my device. Edit: There already is a thread for porting OpenWRT to the Cisco Meraki MR53, but it seems to be dead.

Just for reference: Adding OpenWrt support for Meraki MR53

The GitHub repo and account both seem to be dead so I dont know if e97 will continue working on it. If I had the knowledge and hardware (to unbrick it if I do brick it) I would work on it as currently it's a heavy paperweight. Meraki hardware for some reason needs a key from Cisco to be able to be setup and the setup isnt even run on a webserver on the router, you have to go through the Cisco Meraki site to set it up.

Edit: I dont think there are much experienced developers that also have a Cisco Meraki MR53 since it's a very enterprise oriented device and I got mine because my school was throwing it away.

I cant seem to find the serial pins/port on my Meraki MR53... Does anyone here know where it is/have a picture? Thanks