Is it a waste of time to flash Asus RT-AC58U?

So I'm new to openwrt, kind of a rabbit hole I fell into after switching to Linux two years ago, and I thought I bought a router with good openwrt-support last year to flash someday but seems I failed.

Since it says "There were multiple reports of instability under load, likely due to 128 MB RAM being insufficient for two “ath10k” radios." on it's not much of an idea I suppose?

I'm better off just leaving my RT-AC58U router with the proprietary firmware and then in the future I get a device with proper specs for openwrt?

But there is also mentioned:

19.07 is now using kmod-ath10k-ct-smallbuffers by default, with many reporting no issues for this device.

So I would give this device a try. Overall it depends on your needs/possibilities. If I read:

There were multiple reports of instability under load, likely due to 128 MB RAM being insufficient for two “ath10k” radios.

I would maybe disable one of the radios (either 2,4GHz or 5GHz) if the above fix is not resolving the issuses for you.

Read the advises for flashing carefully esp.:

backup calibration data first: AC58U no wireless option in network after installing 18.06.1

And choose the right firmware for your device.

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Wow! Cool, thank you very much. :slight_smile:

Just one question, if you know and I'm not wasting your time (I'm starting to sense I'm coming into the domain where I should just sit down and reread the instructions, Google what I don't know until it makes sense), otherwise I could make a new post as well in case I just can't figure it out.

I saw that for the device it is listed that WARNING - backup calibration data first and then the link you provided. I read the post that was marked as solution, but I did not understand how to do the backup based on those instructions.

What makes it stranger is that I found this post How to properly install OpenWrt on Asus RT-AC58U? asking the same question where a person links to this generic backup instructions

When I click links on that page however it always (if I didn't miss something, which I must have done) talks about how to back up openwrt etc. meaning these instructions are for after I have flashed openwrt right?

As I understood the post I should do a backup of certain files before flashing openwrt. But where are these instructions for how I access and backup these files?

Or is it just to keep a backup of the jffs2-partition just in case?

I just read fast over the device section and picked up the link to put your attention to possible clips/difficulties on this device.

I've read short over this thread:

1st: You have two options to flash this device. Either open case and use serial connection or use the "trx" approach. As I assumed you don't want/can't open the case I picked the trx section (Easy Installation). There was this warning from above what I just linked.
2nd: You can save the mentioned partitions/files from console usually.

But I cannot see if standard firmware has ssh access to save the files to an usb stick.
I assume it has not and the link is probably missleading if you come from stock firmware. So you have to verify it by yourself if you can access over ssh with stock firmware.
3rd: There is another link with more detailed description:
I strongly reccommend using Method 1.
4th: I have no clue how to get from LEDE to recent 19.07 release. It is possible that there are another clips to upgrade (because of the age). Also it is highly possible that you can use the 19.07 uImage.tib file to flash from stock directly (from stock gui) nowdays. But this has to answer someone who know this device. If no other is joining this thread who has knowledge about this specific device it might help to open a new thread with like "Howto flash OpenWrt to Asus RT-AC58U properly?" or "I need help flashing Asus RT-AC58U properly".

Thank you very much for your reply!

I will take a look at if I can ssh into stock firmware (probably you are right that it's not possible). Will check the detailed description you linked as well.

Will sit down and read through and if it feels too much I will either make a new post or simply let this router stay with stock firmware for now and in the future double check that the router I buy is easy to flash.

You can follow my instructions I posted here:

hAP ac2 also has 128mb of RAM and IPQ4018, it never runs out of memory with smallbuffers driver using it as a home router with several devices + SQM.

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