Is intel I226 supported in kernel 5.15?

Found some pretty decent stuff on a Chinese taobao site.
Decent price and platform.
My J4105, intel i211 4 ports mini pc is working fine but I'm interested in it.


N4000/J4105/J4125 / 2 intel I226-V 2.5G / M.2 NVME x4

N4000/J4105/J4125迷你主机6W低功耗X86-P1软路由四核四线程-淘宝网 (

N3050/N3160/N3700 / 2 Realtek RTL8111H 1G / mSATA

N3050/N3160/N3700迷你主机6W低功耗X86-P1软路由四核四线程-淘宝网 (

Intel i226-V is supported by igc driver (drivers/net/ethernet/intel/igc/) in Linux Kernel and the module is provided by kmod-igc package in OpenWrt.


Thanks. It seems to be supported since 5.10.

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Are there any Chinese?
I don't know the difference between "开发版" and "标准版".
beta version? standard version? What's the difference?

Edit: I got a reply from the seller that the development version only has the motherboard and heatsink, and the standard version has a full metal chassis.

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