Ip Passthrough

How to do ip passthrough in openwrt with modem interface?

Depends on the modem. But will be good to clarify what kind of modem you meant.

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My device is 5G device and it has rmnet_data0 interface but we can't bridge this interface to lan directly.
I want to pass rmnet_data0 ip to single lan client

Please be more specific - what is the device and how it is connected to the router.

Device is basically a 5G Modem + Router

That doesn't really narrow it down very much. There are many 5G Modem + Router devices on the market.

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It's USB-to-USB.

  • Maybe bridge usb0 to an interface?
  • Not sure how this is OpenWrt specific, since the OpenWrt won't be doing anything if you "passthrough"

Exactly. But we can only bridge apples with apples )
Here is the old discussion: Using a router as "dumb" LTE gateway? - #25 by AndrewZ

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