Internet is down sometimes during livestreams

Hey. When my brother is streaming sometimes internet is down (I dont know if it's ddos, 100% not directly targeted to me, my IP is safe). I have some screenshots from WinMTR (testing on, my 1vps, my 2vps, and isp site)
Is the packet-loss on OpenWrt.lan normal?

Additionally, im using Telegram and it's down for me (probably every site containing Telegram is down), on mobile it's working without any problem.
I dont know where I should post this, cuz I have openwrt installed I did it here.

  1. Are you Wired or Wireless to the OpenWrt router?
  2. Whats your ISP, DSL? Cable?
  1. Wired.
  2. coaxial cable.

I would check the cable modem uptime to see if this is going down? Sometimes cable modem can do this if the power levels from the coxial cable is low.

If not then, check LAN/WAN wires to make sure is all plugged in and nothings loose.

  • What is he streaming?
  • How much bandwidth does that take? :warning:
  • How much bandwidth do you purchase from your ISP? :bulb:

There's loss; but it's not "down" as you describe.

Definitely make sure the modem isn't flapping as @francisuk1989 noted.

About coxial cable, sometimes when internet is down (LED's clearly tell this) I have to unplug coax cable from modem, "clear" (using little bit wet cloth) the "wire" inside (the "pin") and after plug this again it started to working. It's little bit weird for me.

About the latest question. He's streaming minecraft, he took around 50% upload (10k / 15k bitrate, 30 upload). Bandwidth from ISP is max 200 (always more than 180) and 30 upload (~25 when doin tests).

When internet is down it's looks like DNS are down (I dont know if it's possible), one time ISP site was down too. I dont know if it's DDOS too (for entire ISP, it's small isp tbh so its possible I guess).

What does modem isn't flapping mean? How to check this? (old modem, Arris CM820, I dont know why they still use that old modem in 2020, is this modem good?)

It means the same as @francisuk1989:

But you already noted that it is going down, so I would check with the ISP; because I doubt that your wiping the inner conductor with a wet cloth is helping the issue. I think you're merely resetting the link.

I doubt it too but it's really weird when internet is down for a long time (modem reboot / coax replug doesnt work), I grab coax, wipe it and it's working again. LAN/WAN wires are good (I have an tester), they are plugged without any problem / loose.

Are you using ISP DNS servers? Don't. e.g. use & or install luci-app-https-dns-proxy and use adguard standard dns server and cloudflare as backup.
Install luci-app-nlbwmon to monitor bandwith.
Install luci-app-nft-qos to cap/throttle your brother's upload/download bandwidth. If you max out your upload for your ISP livestreaming/torrenting, you cannot send DNS requests to download data hence timeouts.
What model/openwrt version is the router?

I dont know if I did it right - I have "custom DNS" set in Network -> Interfaces -> WAN (eth0.2) -> Edit -> Advanced Settings -> Use custom DNS servers

When streaming he take around 50% of upload.
TP-Link Archer C6 v2 (EU/RU/JP) Powered by LuCI openwrt-21.02 branch (git-21.231.26241-422c175) / OpenWrt 21.02.0 r16279-5cc0535800

possiblybecause the act of wiping it takes longer than a simple unplug/replug?


No you do this in network/interfaces/LAN/advanced not WAN/advanced.

Something is off here because I do not have this option in WAN/advanced on any of my routers. Option appears when you uncheck 'Use DNS servers advertised'

Finally I will use luci-app-https-dns-proxy with cloudflare as main and google as backup. How can I verify that it's working?

EDIT: nvm, found an guide from
I have WAN and WAN6, for WAN I have unchecked Use DNS servers advertised by peer(this should be enabled or disabled while using the luci-app-https-dns-proxy method?), and after this there is Use custom DNS servers

Cloudflare/Google are default settings for https-dns. I remove/turn off everything IPv6 from my routers :slight_smile: With https-dns you look in network/DHCP and DNS/General Settings/ DNS Forwardings.
One thing to note: in Services/DNS HTTPS Proxy. When 'Force Router DNS' was set to 'Force Router DNS server to all local devices', my android 10 phone could not resolve dns. Not sure why.

Thanks then. I did test right now (WinMTR) and it's literally no single packet-loss. I will test it later too.

FWIW is your coaxial cable terminated with F-Type Plug? A slight kink/bend in the exposed core or pin ensures a better connection if the socket is old/worn/oxidised.

Yeah it is terminated with F-Type Plug. The core is exposed for ~0.5cm over this plug (it's longer than this plug). How this kink/bend should finally look?

just slight, if it is the cable core, put your finger on the end and bend it off centre 5- 10 degrees. when you plug back in the modem, there will be better contact.

Call your ISP and ask them for a new coaxial to be fitted as your cable is degrading, I would go and get this fixed first before getting a new cable modem as taking out your coaxial cable isn't healthy all the time.

Arris CM820 is a DOCSIS 3.0 modem and can do anything below 400 Mbps, Yes it might be old but DOCSIS 3.0 is what most people get anyway between them speeds.

Reading back on this post, You said you brother is streaming? Surely streaming will only take 8Mb max? unless you ISP plans are somethin silly like 8Mb/512k (8 download 512k upload?)

About new coaxial, I dont even know where (and how) is it's start in my flat.

About the internet speed, it's 200/30mbps. (download/upload)