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Hi. Several days have passed while i'm trying to resolve my problem after configured mwan3. Input: tp link archer c7, OpenWrt 19.07.0 r10860-a3ffeb413b. wan1 and wan2 connected through 2 different ports getting internet by dhcp. Both of them work correctly, if i turn off wan1 in web-interface or pull out ethernet-cable wan2 begins to be active, when i put in the cable back wan1 becomes active according metric. But the problem is interfaces uptime don't refresh, if they both were active some time with the internet, for example, their uptime 5 minutes, i leave them without internet connetion even without ethernet-cables, uptime will continue. How can i force it refresh uptime?

Does this occur only when mwan3 is running or is it independent of mwan3?

Today i deleted mwan3 and restored lan port instead of wan, upime the same as earlier didn't refresh.

Is force_link enabled by any chance?

I checked, it was enable only on lan interface.

Could you give it a try with 19.07.1? I don't have any idea why is this happening.
I tried it on my 18.06.7 and when I restarted an interface the counter was reset.

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When i restarted wan1 using button "restart" the counter was reset, but if i plug out ethernet cable, have no internet connection, the counter keeps going. Thanks for help anyway.

I didn't try pulling out the cable. I can try that in the evening when I am at home.

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root@koutsomoura:[~]#ifstatus wan | grep uptime
        "uptime": 203509,


root@koutsomoura:[~]#ifstatus wan | grep uptime
        "uptime": 67,

Seems quite alright.

network.wan.keepalive='6 5'

I found out what the problem. This is because WAN is a switch port on tp-link archer c7, so the underlying carrier state is never toggled.

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If the problem is solved, feel free to mark the topic accordingly .

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