Intel Wi-Fi 6 AX200

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I've not compiled anything for OpenWrt before... but I'm running it on an Espressobin v7 and would like to see if it's possible to create a package or even just a kernel module for the Intel Wi-Fi 6 AX200 interface. I have Ubuntu 16.04 working on an alternate SD card if that's faster for getting a build environment set up. If it's easier or better recommended to set up a cross compile environment I'm ok with that as well. Any pointers in the right direction would be most appreciated.


As far as I know there is no open source driver for Intel AX wireless radios

So I wouldn't be able to do something with the binary blob that goes into /lib/firmware?

Since kernel does not match, no its a blob meant for their SDK

Yeah, it looks like they've only targeted kernel 5.1. :frowning:

I wonder if there are 802.11ax interfaces out yet that have open source drivers...?

That is really good, I thought that 3.18 was still the norm.
ath11k for QCA ax radios is available, and patches have been submitted but its not yet merged into the kernel.

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AX200 should be available since kernel 5.1 (master is using backports from 5.3, going to 5.4 soon) within the iwlwifi module, so you should basically only need to to supply its firmware under /lib/firmware/.

Some caveats:

  • you'll need to check if everything needed is enabled (and ideally packaged) in OpenWrt, as this device is still very new, I don't expect anyone to have tested it on OpenWrt yet
  • don't expect the ax200 module to support AP mode, Intel usually enforces very strict regulatory compliances and disables IR (initiate radiation) on the 5 GHz band (at least).


Current OpenWrt backports version is 5.4-rc8. That's mean ax200 support is already done. But you need a firmware for this wifi card which is not packaged yet.
All you need is to take this firmware form here

Put in in files/lib/firmware/ folder of your buildroot and then build openwrt image.
Or just upload this firmware to your router by scp to /lib/firmware/

BUT. For this moment I can't make it work because of some bugs in the iwlwifi driver or firmware.

Here is the official bug report.

Please add you comment there if you will face such error.

Just a warning for anyone willing to buy AX200 in mini PCIe/mini card form factor from well known China sources. Be very careful and avoid this one (the FCC ID is of course fake, quality is very low and there is also something missing... :wink: ).

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I dont think intel makes a PCIe/mini ax200. IDK if the PCIe mini to M.2 adapters work with the official AX200?

No, Intel doesn't but some manufacturers use M.2 1216 module (LGA, model name: AX200D2WL) to make mini PCIe cards (as on picture above and below). Regular M.2 (A + E) to mini PCIe adapters will work with the the AX200NGW (M.2).

It's ALFA Network AWPCIE-AX200.

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Ah, You get what you pay for. You can buy anything in China because of its strong manufacturing and supply chain ecology. :grin:

This one is looking quite good to me, just cannot find any feedback or comment about it online :grin: :grin: :grin: so hard to find mpcie wifi modules

hi all
just like to say that like prior mentioned by klukonin
i found a bunch of firmware at
there are apparently no other documents about them

-rw-r--r-- iwlwifi-cc-a0-46.ucode 1044452 logstatsplain
-rw-r--r-- iwlwifi-cc-a0-48.ucode 1096704 logstatsplain
-rw-r--r-- iwlwifi-cc-a0-50.ucode 1101228 logstatsplain
-rw-r--r-- iwlwifi-cc-a0-53.ucode 1205332 logstatsplain
-rw-r--r-- iwlwifi-cc-a0-55.ucode 1219356 logstatsplain
-rw-r--r-- iwlwifi-cc-a0-59.ucode 1261280 logstatsplain

has anyone tried them out do they work with AP on AX200?

just as an update but not related to openwrt
i recently installed ubuntu 20.10 (kernel 5.8.0-28) with a card based on ax200 chipset that apparently ships with a rather recent firmware iwlwifi-cc-a0-55.ucode, i've been able to get it to work in station (managed) mode and ap mode (but only on 2.4ghz)
it seemed to be missing the 2nd phy and bluetooth didn't work (yet)

Anyone having schematic or something for the daughter board, i have the AX200D2WL module but no way to connect it to a meaningful devices. I contacted Intel regarding the same and was just replied that the pinout and other things were for OEM access only. I got this from mouser, while i was trying to bur the M.2 version.

Documentation is under NDA so I don't think anyone will share it. Still, designing daughter board for this module doesn't make much sense. You can find AX210 with M.2 to PCI-E x1 adapters and antennas for ~20 USD/pcs.

Can confirm.
No AP 5 GHz.


Just to mention, I also tested and own that card (Intel AX200, is a TP-Link Archer TX50E) and there is no way to even change its regdomain. Seems this is locked by firmware or hardware, and maybe because Intel's DRS:

So, no AP with 5Ghz... a shame. I ended up building my home Router/Gateway/WIFI AP with two USB dongles (3.0) with TP-Link Archer T9UH, which ships with rtl8814au (working just fine with

Sorry for the Offtopic.

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