Installing OpenWrt to ASUS RT-N56U A1

I want to install Openwrt to my ASUS RT-N56U A1. But when I look at[Model*~]=RT-N56U there's only a Firmware OpenWrt Upgrade available.

If I haven't installed Openwrt before, I can't do a upgrade, or?


  • If you can not find “factory.bin” firmware file (true for 70% of all supported devices), a device-specific custom installation procedure is required (Assuming your device does not already have an older LEDE or OpenWrt version installed). You can find custom installation instructions at the following locations:

The instructions for your device are in the git commit:;a=commit;h=6d98c098e48414b0da8aa6c25aa9044a201c1ba6

Those are the instructions for B1.

Installation instructions for A1 can be found on the devicepage

Thanks for the replies and I will look into them.

Today the router has Padavan installed, but Padavan doesn't support Wireguard(as far I can tell).

OpenWrt does support Wireguard!

Thanks @tmomas and @shep for the info. The installation was "easy".

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