Installing OpenWrt on Gl.Inet GL-AR750s EXT (slate)

Has anyone had any luck with installing the latest version of openwrt on this? I just bought one a few weeks ago and I tried to install the latest version of openwrt on it, went through the links on the website, but every time i tried the upload, the router would brick.. the restore button is a savior.. would love to be able to run openwrt in all it's glory as it is intended instead of the older version gl.inet uses.

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I've followed those exact instructions and it bricks every time i try to upload the new firmware. I know i'm using the correct firmware and the build date of the hardware was in May '21, so it's not that i'm using new firmware with old and incompatible hardware.

so nothing?

no one has done it or is willing to give some pointers?

we can only speculate about what goes wrong. you'd need serial comsole access to see what's actually going on ...

is this something that i can merely drill into the webgui on the device, go for the firmware update and just select the openwrt that i downloaded?

or is there another way i'm supposed to upload it?

Since the previously documented methods doesn't appear to be working, we need to find out what's causing it.
The only way to do it, is by serial console.
There's no way around it.