Installing OpenWrt on Archer C20 V5 (BR)

Hello, I want to install OpenWrt on my router, Archer C20 V5 (BR), I found the download link for the files, " ", correct if I am wrong, first I will install the present file "
", either through the web interface or tftp, it’s my choice which file to choose, then to update the firmware I will use " ". After having done all this, I will have OpenWrt on my router and working, my question is, is the 5Ghz wireless network working correctly? wireless, even, I saw that a member of this forum was unable to use this network with the same router version as well, this is the link " Wireless 5Ghz doesn't work in Archer C20 V5 ". Another question I have is whether the "Adblcok" software, which can be installed on OpenWrt, as shown in this video "", I want to know if the adblock is working correctly. Thank you!

No, according to the recent posts in Porting Firmware to TP-Link Archer C20 v5