Installing on Linksys EA8100 v2

How to get the firmware to flash.

Note, I would have put this on the wiki but my GitHub doesn't allow access and I couldn't just create an account.

This is the A/B flash trick that I eventually found but was difficult and unclear.

Apparently the OpenWRT software cannot be installed on the second flash in two flash routers. Since the flash always installs on the flash that isn't booted, you need to first install a working OEM flash to cause the router to boot onto flash B. This will allow you to then install the OpenWRT image on flash A. Here are the steps:

  1. First grab firmware from Linksys site (I used 2.0.4 as my router was on 2.0.3)
  2. Install the firmware via the Linksys WebUI and let it reboot.
  3. Verify that your installed firmware now shows the newer version. We can now assume we have booted flash B.
  4. Install the appropriate OpenWRT firmware version from the Linksys WebUI (23.05.0 worked for me), let it reboot.
  5. Profit.