Installation on Raspberry Pi 4b - Talktalk Router Config

Looking for some advice on the configuration of my Talktalk router, to support what I'm trying to achieve. Essentially I want to bypass as many features on my TalkTalk supplied router and use the features of OpenWrt, installed on a Raspberry Pi 4B.

I've followed this guide and appear to have it working with no issues, My home devices (TV, Laptop, iPhones etc) are connecting via the Wifi on the Raspberry Pi and traffic routed to the Talktalk router via the ethernet port on the Raspberry Pi, corrected to the LAN port on the TT router.

Here's a quick diagram to help illustrate my setup:

Are there any additional configuration settings I need to make on the TT router or within OpenWrt to ensure the Raspberry Pi is acting as the primary router. I know I'll need to disable the ability for devices to connect via Wifi directly to my TT router.

Also - should I be configuring my setup to use the WAN port on the TT router?

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fwiw, I'm not sure what benefit there is to daisy chaining the RPi to the back of the TT hub? Most OpenWrt users would perhaps ditch the ISP router altogether. I suppose if you want OpenWrt DNS to override DNS offered on TT Hub, I suppose that is one reason to use the two devices.

If you have Openreach FTTP, you can plug the RPi straight into the ONT fibre modem. If you have superfast FTTC/VDSL2 broadband, then you need a VDSL2 bridge modem. (TT VDSL routers don't support bridge mode).

You could put the RPi into the TT hub's DMZ. Not ideal, but it works for 99% of normal users as a substitute for a bridge modem.

The wifi from the RPi is likely to be inferior to TT hub for coverage. If you live in a small apartment, it may not be an issue. Otherwise you may need a separate wireless access point. There lies a problem, the RPi only has one ethernet socket. You'd need to install a USB3 ethernet adapter.

Assuming you have the current TT hub which came out in 2018, the unused WAN port on the TT hub is for direct connection to an Openreach VDSL bridge modem or FTTP ONT. Not for connecting any user devices.

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thanks you @bill888 - really useful feedback. Think I'll stick with the TT router until they lay FTTP in our village, or as you say, ditch the TT router altogether.

This is the TT router I currently have

Thanks again for taking the time to respond - it's hugely appreciated.

It seem like that device can't be put into router/bridge mode. I would suggest calling talktalk and asking them if they can provide a device that supports router/bridge mode - this will enable you to set up everything, like DHCP, port forwarding, etc... on the Pi.

Also, unless you are completely happy with the RPI wifi, I suggest buying a USB3 ethernet dongle (for the wan), and having a seperate device acting as a dumb wifi AP. Here is an excellent guide on how to set this all up (HOWTO: OpenWrt on the Raspberry Pi 4).

Good luck!

Thanks for the response @kramsac - yeah, I was considering a USB3 ethernet dongle - although was too excited to start this project and didn't want to wait for the dongle to arrive!! :smiley:

Will have a read of that guide you've shared - thanks again for taking the time to respond.

no worries. i have my pi as a router using the usb3 adapter for WAN, and then have a good switch and a few wireless APs across the house. It is incredible how good the Pi is. All the best!

It's a shame my setup requires the need for the TT router to access the internet. Alternative solution would be to buy another router which supports OpenWrt.

Completely forgot to mention that I have a virgin hub providing the wan, however that is set in router mode so it only provides the wan IP and nothing else. No DHCP, NAT, etc. Worthwhile speaking to talktalk. If you threaten to change provider better of this, they will probably cave.