Installation failed on FRITZ!Box 3370

Hello everybody,
I don't get OpenWRT installed on my box. After flashing, the default system boots again.
I completely followed the instructions in the wiki. Since there is not yet complete compatibility with the current stable, I have used the snapshot from 21.02. The used flash chip, I have also double verified (Micron).
The output in the terminal look here: VDSL WiFi-Router recommendation (and subsequent Fritz!Box 3370 install)

Our guess, the flashing was not successful so EVA boots the second system (FritzOS).
Do you have any hints or recognize my mistake?

Maybe there is a bug in the latest snapshot? Is there a way to check this?


do you know the wiki article?

did you try latest stable?

Thank you for your answer. :slight_smile: Yes, i know this article.

I was recommended to use a recent snapshot, because many features in the last stable have not yet been implemented. This can also be read in the wiki.

Worked with the snapshot Tue Feb 26. :heavy_check_mark:

That was it? The snapshot of last week didn't work, the new one does? Curious.

Maybe, or something I've done went wrong... :grinning:

Now I'm faced with the challenge of securing OpenWrt. :tired_face: Almost endless documentation.

The defaults are reasonably secure, you only need to think about it if you diverge from them.

I was just surprised that the input chain is ACCEPT. But ssh and the webinterface can not be reached from the internet?

That's a matter of the general catch-all default policy being overridden by the individual policies for the named zones, wan in particular.

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