Install OpenWrt on two Xiaomi AX3200


Could I buy two Xiaomi AX3200 (EU version) to make telnet active on both and install OpenWRT on them?

Thank you!

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I understand the process. But it says:

"If connect both routers via ethernet cable (LAN port on the RB01 and WAN port on the 2nd Xiaomi router) and perform a hard reset on the 2nd Xiaomi router, the AX3200 RB01 will obtain {“netmode”:4,“code”:0} with telnet enabled, thus unlocking the ability to install OpenWrt."

I want to obtain telnet on both, so telnet will persist after doing a hard reset for the second router?
Or this process can make active telnet on both with one single hard reset?

Probably answered in the tread linked from the device info page:

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According to the instruction from @Sti in this thread, after telnet was enabled on the first router, the steps to enable telnet on the second router are the following:

Also here is a similar question about telnet activating on the 2nd router, and a thread detailing how @gbordier finally solved the partition issue he faced (it looks like some non-standard situation for the "netmode: 4" method).

Hence, telnet can be enabled on both Xiaomi AX3200 (RB01) routers using "netmode: 4" method; and have OpenWrt installed on them.

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