Install openwrt on Fritz 7490

Hi, I have a fritzbox 7490, is it possible to install openwrt on it?

No, that device is not supported.

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It now is. Though not everything is working yet.

You can find instructions here:

Take a look at this thread:

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Is there a more accurate guide? I'm not a very experienced user

I haven't tried it myself, even I own two of them.
It is technically possible, but I would not recommend it.

Out of the box, the SoC providing the WiFi is not supported.
It needs another separate (WASP) image to work, which is not provided anywhere, as far as I know.

The wiki page needs updating for sure.
I can look into it maybe, if I have time in the next couple of weeks.

What are you using the 7490 for at the moment?

For now my 7490 is gathering dust, I would like to install openwrt on it to tinker with it a bit

have a look at[]=fritzbox&s[]=7530#installation

make sure you don't use the wrong openwrt image.

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I have a 7490 Not a 7530

so you're saying there's an for each Fritz device ?

fine, then don't, have fun not using openwrt.

Well, you can read about the situation with the old 7490 above. Unless you drive the development, chances of this to change are somewhat mediocre.
While the 7530 works right now, is faster/ cheaper and comes with a super-vectoring capable modem.

The 7530 installation instructions are more detailed, so one could pick up some details from it.
But you are correct, you cannot just follow them step by step for your 7490.

If you just want to tinker with it and don't need WiFi, maybe just wait until the Wiki page gets updated.

If you would need a working WiFi router, @slh is correct.
It's better to get a more recent and better supported router.

What do you suggest me

what you rejected.

Is 7530???

yes, but don't send the uboot, but the initramfs (aka KERNEL), sending the wrong file could brick your device.

With I have to send the kernel file?

what does wiki page say ?

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If you are asking about buying another device, that's completely another topic.
It depends on your requirements.


  • Which market/country would you be buying in
  • Buying new or used
  • Your budget
  • Your internet speed and technology (DSL modem needed?)
  • WiFi or wired, if WiFi, which standard
  • Do you need USB ports
  • Your skill level / ease of installation

For the 7490 there are two sets of images, depending on the flash chip your device has.
So the first step from the wiki is:

Check which NAND the device has by using the following procedure with stock firmware:
Go to to download the support data file and search for string “NAND device” to get the manufacturer kernel output.
Use Micron image if Micron is displayed otherwise the non-Micron image.

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Especially this is an important aspect, as your selection widens massively (more performance, in many cases even cheaper) if you don't need an included xDSL modem (and/ or have an external/ dedicated modem).