Install open WRT in Xiaomi 4A chinese Non gigabit Router (R4AC)

I want to install openWRT in my Xiaomi 4A chinese Non gigabit Router (R4AC). Its system ROM is MiWiFi stable version 2.20.20. Its SN number is 23035/A2SN69066. Can you please help me and tell me procedure for installation for this router?

instructions can be found in the git commit:;a=commit;h=5ff5c9bce6b6e51060c272521528b5afd789e9ab

Firmware is here:

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Thanks bro Flash done successfully. But i see it only work for 2.4 Ghz not for 5G as my router has dual bands

Check this topic:

Bro its not working for me. I am very new to open wrt please help


Hostname OpenWrt
Model Xiaomi Mi Router 4A (100M Edition)
Architecture MediaTek MT7628AN ver:1 eco:2
Target Platform ramips/mt76x8

You must have a new revision of the router, with a different 5Ghz Wi-Fi chip.
This revision is not fully supported yet.

You could try this:

opkg update
opkg install kmod-mt7615e kmod-mt7663-firmware-ap


Do you still have the box of the router?
Can you check which SKU number is on the label?

Hi yes i found Box and SKU is DVB4222CN and please tell me how to run these commands i am new in openwrt

You can install it via GUI / LuCi as well:

  1. System → Software → Update lists
  2. Filter for each package and install: "kmod-mt7615e" and "kmod-mt7663-firmware-ap"
  3. Reboot and see if the 5G WiFi works or not.

bro i can see 5ghz but its not sending signals see screenshot

Thanks bro i changed its frequency and it start showing on smart phone.

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