Install EdgeRouter X firmware to EdgeRouter X SFP

Hello. Here

At supported versions types that Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X supported version is release 17.01.4 and for EdgeRouter X-SFP it types snapshot. Can I install to my EdgeRouter X-SFP release 17.01.4 ? or what I should install ?

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You can,but you will need to manually configure everything for POE.
Better use 18.06-rc1

This ?

Yes,use that to flash sysupgrade image

sysupgrade image is used if you already have installed openwrt on your router and you just want to update, right ?
So I do not have openwrt on my router, It's EdgeOS.
They are using factory not sysupgrade. But in snapshots I find only this kernel.bin and ubnt-erx-sfp-squashfs-sysupgrade.tar

Should I do this

scp /path/to/ubnt-erx-sfp-initramfs-kernel.bin ubnt@

ubnt@ubnt:/tmp$add system image ubnt-erx-sfp-initramfs-kernel.bin 

In user guide they are using *.tar instead of kernel.bin
Or where I can find snapshot image initramfs-factory.tar ?

Simply use initramfs.bin image
Sysupgrade can also be used from initramfs image to flash OpenWrt.

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One more question.
Where I can find luCI offline packages for EdgeRouter X SFP 18.06 firmware

I searched there. There is no ramips or mt7621 folder and no package named edge router x sfp

And how I can download all luci folder, not every file one from luci folder one by one

Those are packages not firmware images.

Every folder have a luci folder inside ? What I should download luci folder from aarch64_cortex-a53 or from aarch64_cortex-a72 or aarch64_generic ...

How I can download all luci folder, not every file one from luci folder one by one ?

I dont really understand what are you even trying.
Simply use the 18.06 images,they should have LuCI already built in

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Snapshots do not have LuCi web admin GUI installed by default

On snapshots, LuCi has to be installed manually (if needed).
Here types it's not installed by default

And I'm trying to do this

18.06 images are not snapshots.
They are stable release candidates.

And just for your info, ramips devices use mipsel_24kc packages

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ubnt@ubnt:/tmp$ add system image openwrt-18.06.0-rc1-ramips-mt7621-ubnt-erx-sfp-initramfs-kernel.bin
Checking upgrade image...Upgrade image does not support the device. Upgrade failed.

What I'm making wrong ?

I'm using this

Well,then UBNT changed their checks.
I only used the UART method to boot initramfs from bootloader

Can you give me a link please How I can install Open-WRT on my UBNT ?

Can I try to make image with ?

so it will be

ubnt@ubnt:/tmp$ add system image openwrt-18.06.0-rc1-ramips-mt7621-ubnt-erx-sfp-squashfs-sysupgrade.tar

Seems I need to buy Adafruit-style USB to serial converter for this method.
Is there any changes to install openWRT using add system image from EdgeOS ? Maybe try 17.01.4 firmware and after that I will update to 18 or compiling by myself ?

You can try 17.01.4 and then sysupgrade from it to newer.

No need for self compiling