Install dnsmasq-full over dnsmasq

i want dnsmasq to be the authority for my made-up home domain. it was suggested that the dnsmasq-full package would do this. can i install dnsmasq-full without uninstalling dnsmaq? if i uninstall dnsmasq will i loose my configuration? i am very new to openwrt as you can tell.

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Check whether you really need it or not.

No, and there's no need to keep both.

It should be fine, but anyway:


well i did install dnsmasq-full without uninstalling dnsmasq, received errors so i ticked where it says to overwrite files from otther packages and then instead a lot of errors just received 1 that seem not severe...

the question is: in order to tidy up things: should i unninstall both and reintall just one ?

as u also can see i am also starting in opennwrt (coming from freshtomato cause kernel old and cant use wireguard for my work).

Thank you for your time, really exited with this open source ideology and comunity

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Just did this.

Challenges for new users:

  1. Installing dnsmasq-full on top of dnsmasq shows warnings. Those warnings are not clear on the effect of doing it anyway.
  2. Uninstalling dnsmasq first means you can't install any packages since DNS resolution is gone (you get, among other things, wget error 4 AKA wget returned 4)

Googling wget error 4 might lead you to the official documentation here: but that does not mention anything about DNS.

A fix: Edit the DNS config files

  • Edit /etc/resolv.conf and add nameserver, nameserver, or whatever DNS server OpenWRT should be using
  • Or: from a computer on the same network, ping, get the IP as well as the local mirror (example: PING ( 56 data bytes) and add those to /etc/hosts

The recipe here always works for me.

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if you want dnsmasq-full. All you need to do is go to openwrt firmware selector, and then select your router brand and click the custom packages and edit the dnsmasq to dnsmasq-full and then request. after that request build you can now download openwrt and using dnsmasq-full by default