Install deb package

Hello. I have Debian package. When i try to install it i see next

root@LEDE:/tmp# opkg -V4 install openssl-r_1.0.2m-8cc.around.debian_armhf.deb 
opkg_conf_parse_file: Loading conf file /etc/opkg.conf.
opkg_conf_parse_file: Loading conf file /etc/opkg/customfeeds.conf.
opkg_conf_parse_file: Loading conf file /etc/opkg/distfeeds.conf.
opkg_install_cmd: openssl-r_1.0.2m-8cc.around.debian_armhf.deb
pkg_init_from_file: applying abpkg flag to openssl-r_1.0.2m-8cc.around.debian_armhf.deb

installation freeze on last line

Whats wrong???

opkg != dpkg


Q. How similar is the ipk format, to the deb format? They look very similar; the data and control tar balls are identical as far as i can tell.

A. Very similar. ipk files are basically deb files with documentation removed, and ipkg is even supposedly able to handle deb files. Opkg can install .deb packages directly, with no change.

openmoko_opkg != openwrt_opkg

Anyway, other distro packages are almost certainly incompatible with OpenWrt/LEDE on ABI-level.


Thank you for your reply. Please, tell me - is any decision repack .deb package to OpenWRT format?

If package contains binary data, you can repack it only compiling the source code.
What exactly do you want to achieve?
If you need OpenSSL, it's here:


I have proprietary packages OpenVPN and OpenSSL for debian (not source code) under the arm and amd64/i386 platform.
I need to install them under mips platform (rb2011uias-2hnd)

A MIPS chip can't run ARM or x86 binaries. You must obtain the source code and recompile for the different CPU platform.

OpenVPN and OpenSSL already exist as OpenWrt packages for MIPS, and can be directly installed from the OpenWrt repository server.

Generally a deb won't run on OpenWrt because a different C library is used.


A stupid question - but Is it possible to rebuild an OpenWRT with the support of the required version C?

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Yes it is in Global Build Settings, the choices are either uClibc++ (the default used for official builds) or libstdc++


I will try and write on the results of my experiments

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While it's possible to build OpenWrt with glibc/ libstdc++, any non-trivial package depends on a myriad on other libraries as well, each with their own ABI incompatibilities relative to packages build against Debian or other desktop distributions.

Whatever library you add to OpenWrt, a binary compiled for i386 is not going to work on a MIPS device.

Thank you all for the answers!
My plan is next:

  • in virtualbox run OpenWRT with glibc/ libstdc++ support
  • try to install my .deb package for i386 platform

So I gots to ask .... why?


If you plan to virtualize anyway may I suggest to run two virtual machines, one running OpenWrt and one running Debian, and just network them together.


This is not a strict requirement - I now have only a mips router. Package maker compiled them only under i386 and amr. I want to experiment - compile openvrt with the support of necessary libraries C and install packages for i386

At that point, install Debian/ i386, be done.