Error installing .deb package

after reading through this post it seems like it should be possible to install .deb via opkg. Any ideas as to why its failing?

root@Skittles:/mnt/usb1/shareroot/software/openwrt/app# opkg install plexmediaserver_1.19.4.2935-79e214ead_armhf.deb
Segmentation fault

Are you really sure that you read that thread?

From the post you linked, it doesn't seem possible. Maybe you posted the wrong link?


it is not possible to install Debian packages in Openwrt.

The only way to use that package is to make a Debian chroot, then you have a Debian ARM system parallel to OpenWrt and you can install Debian packages in it.
You obviously need to do this on an external drive, the internal flash chip is too small to fit Debian.


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