Increase Space every reinstall/delete package!

Hi. i ran the command a couple of times:

opkg install --force-reinstall package

...and when i saw the disk space occupied, i noticed it had increased! every time I launch the command the space occupied increases .. how is this possible!?! i tried to uninstall the package but nothing to do ... how can i delete these files?
Thank you

Ps: the package is bind-tools

Make a backup and then reset to defaults.

Why are you reinstalling packages?

As far as the reason you are having these issues, it is related to the idea of freeing up space:


Noo, i just formatted and configured it ... I would not want to restore it again! unfortunately I had to reinstall it due to some rndc problems. The strange thing is that if I uninstall it, it frees up the space it occupied ... but if I try to reinstall the same package (with that command) and then I try to remove it, the space is no longer recovered ... I don't really understand why. How is it possible?

What is the device you are using? And what file system type (squashfs, jffs, ext4)?


I have NanoPi R4S

Anyone who can explain this situation to me?

I think @psherman did just that, two posts above.


Yes, ok... but I ask this:

For the answer about how possible, see: Increase Space every reinstall/delete package! - #2 by psherman

maybe I didn't explain myself well due to my lack of English. What I mean is why (for NON system programs) at each reinstallation / deletion (in this case bind9) instead of freeing up space it takes up even more? I have already read that page before writing here, but I did not find what I was looking for ... they just say to do a reset or rebuild with only the programs that need... But I want to understand! (by the way I've already done it a couple of times and I don't want to do it again!). For this I ask you. What's that extra space?