I want to buy a router available in my country

are my eyes deceiving me

nah bro i'm out

I'm done searching for routers

so you are not buying this??

same happened to me some days ago. HAhahaah

how am i supposed to get internet without a wlan port??? through my head?

It has. Just labelled with LAN4.

thank god I was about to have a nervous breakdown

going to buy now?? check installation process.

OEM easy installation

Apply factory OpenWrt image via OEM web-gui.

It's easy, right?

@badulesia what router do you suggest?

What it says. It should be easy. I never used openwrt yet. Just wanted to. But i spent alot of time reading. You can check my profile. Almost 7Hours on this forum. :slight_smile:

Ok find a good router and mention me too alright

:+1: Alright bro

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I have decided not to buy new one. I will install on my tp link MR600. Installation is too hard. I have to open case and do some soldering. That is stopping me for now.

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Ok I have a few useless routers why don't you help me install OpenWrt on them?

It will be hard to install openwrt on non supported devices. Because you need proper knowledge to do these things,

@firefoxOnFire I found a router