I want to buy a router available in my country

this seems good and low price. Are you going to buy this??

All supported

The Mercusys just got added, the D-Link is AC2600, and should be a stable performer, can't find
a lot of info about the 6850 (flash and RAM), but it's supported too.

I'm still researching, so maybe or maybe not

The second link, are you sure it's the same as the one in the ToH?

You can never be sure, until you got it in your hands.

How much flash and ram does the mercusys have?

Yeah, I don't have room for error.

Then you should stay away from the MR70X too, there's a v2 now, which isn't currently supported.

I don't see the mercusys on the ToH, why?

And also mercusys doesn't have usp port.

The brand haven't been added, it's manual labor.


Then you should probably go for the D-Link.

hey can you look for this if it is better alternative to mercusys

what did I write about it ?

it has usb port. But i can't seem to understand and compare other value.

there are no other values, which is the problem.

google it, you might be able to find some info on wikidevi, or similar sites.
not doing the leg work for you.

yeah got it. Mercusys has 16MB flash but Netgear has 128MB.
I asked because i was not able to find the official link for mercusys.
Never Mind.

that's why the git commit link was posted.


:white_check_mark: 128mb or above flash and ram
:white_check_mark: 2.4 and 5ghz wifi
:white_check_mark: Ceiling for the price is max 10,000 rupees
:white_check_mark: USB Port


Haha, even I considered buying that router. But see this:


Don't get confused.
Asus RT-AX53U is the exact model number for this router.
AX1800 just says that the router has got AX wifi which might be as fast as 1800 MBit/s.
Like AC750 on many older models from various vendors.