I want to buy a router available in my country

I would like to buy a router that has above 128mb flash and ram. But the problem is that I live in India, so it is difficult to find one with these specifications. I request the assistance of the community to help me find a router.
128mb or above flash and ram, because I plan to install a lot of packages
2.4 and 5ghz wifi
I plan to run a VPN and a Network Attached Storage on it
Ceiling for the price is max 10,000 rupees
Thank you

I would suggest making a list of devices you can get for the price you are prepared to pay, then check search for them in https://openwrt.org/toh/views/toh_extended_all and check the flash size


I've already tried but it is a rather difficult task. There a quite a lot of routers on the openwrt page that I'm willing to buy, but most of them are unavailable in my country

128 MB of RAM and flash means a low-end router, which will be not enough to run both a VPN and a NAS, and "a lot of packages". Give us a list of these packages, or a least the most important ones. You will also need an USB stick for the storage of the NAS.

did you notice what I said? I didn't say look at the routers on openwrt, then try to see if it's available

I said, make a list of available routers that meet your pricing limit, then research them on openwrt - seriously, it's not like there's going to be hundreds of options for you in India, according to you, so only you know what you can get, research it the smart way as I suggested

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Yes, you can't find decent router with more flash stroage in india. I have did the whole research.
So better go for Raspberry pi. But do research before buying if that version support openwrt.

I don't want a Broadcom chip due to limited functionality.

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Then you don't have much choice in india. What you will get 8MB flash or atmost 16MB.
I didn't even find router with usb. If you find any router with usb that support openwrt. Tag me too.

Alright, tonight I'll look it up. But someone please help me with this.

I looked all tp-link that available in india. So you can skip this.

What about Netgear, Linksys, D-link

I have checked Dlink too. But not others completely.
Then what i concluded that...we can't have router with more than 8MB flash space in india.

I already have Tp link Mr600, it doesn't have official support from openwrt but it could be installed and have only 8MB space.

I have a TP-Link WR850N v3, which isn't supported by OpenWrt. Only v1 and v2 are supported, not v3

I wish someone could help me get my router supported.

I found one but it doesn't have USB ports.

This type of cases are alot here. Tp link new version are unsupported. Any way it has only 8MB flash so it is useless in your demand.


It doesn't have wlan port.
Edit: It has.