I think I bricked a Ubiquiti Nanostation M5 Loco (XW)

I am unable to ping my device at either the ubiquiti or openwrt default addresses. (, I've been tinkering with the reset buttons. It appears to do a reset or go into tftp based on the LEDs but I'm unable to see the device on the network. Is there anything I can try or is this thing done for?

I had success with this process for getting openwrt installed on my m2 loco, so I tried the same thing with my m5. I got the unsigned version of AirOS 5.6 installed, then proceeded to upload openwrt (openwrt-18.06.4-ar71xx-generic-ubnt-loco-m-xw-squashfs-factory.bin) through the web interface. Now I've got 3 LEDs - power and signal #4 are constant, LAN is going on and off very slowly.


I think you have to then go to AirOS 5.5, using the AirOS 5.6 web interface. That is important because the web interface will replace the bootloader, TFTP flashing will not.

The signal 4 LED is OpenWrt's "System" LED, it is a good sign that it is doing the usual OpenWrt thing of flash fast, then slow, then on steady during bootup.

get the airos fw that will flash from tftp, power it up while holding reset button for cca 8 sec. (sometimes this fails, just try more than once until you get ping replies from
tftp the file and wait until device restart and boots. i was able to recover litebeam this way on several occasions and discovered simple method for upgrading to openwrt: Ubiquiti making it increasingly difficult to install LEDE on Unifi hardware

I don't think there is an AirOS 5.5 available for the XW versions. I was able to go from 5.6.15 unsigned to openwrt via web interface with my M2 loco, but my M5 loco and now also larger M2 are having not working.

Thanks for the tip, I was able to recover via TFTP and I'll read yourlink again tonight and see if I can figure it out.

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