I need advice for vdsl capable OpenWrt compatible device

hello everyone. device ram (128mb) device flash (32mb or more) is nice for me.

Possible options (readers can add more) :

FRITZ!Box 7360 v2 ( easy installation over lan. i buyed this model and tried. adsl connection not worked )
Fritzbox 7360 v2 cant connect ftp ADAM2 after recovery )

ZyXEL P-2812HNU-F1 (i can easily find this. some of users reporting wifi problems like broken wifi chip. installation not very easy.cheap )

BT Home Hub 5 Type A ( little expensive for me. i can find this including openwrt from ebay.uk. users reporting strong wireless and stable device. this is my favorite. )

FRITZ!Box WLAN 3370 ( i'm thinking lots of fritzbox model their openwrt installation is easy. but i was see dsl connection problems from 7360 v2)

sorry. my english not good. my english translator showing "no-brainer = like stupid". if u saying BT Home Hub 5a is very easy choice i can understand. or i can ask what is brainer choice ? ( i'm buffalo device openwrt adsl user. i will use adsl. but vdsl lantiq modems have better cpu or more ram. i need backup opewrt modem device. I think vdsl capable is better. )

my adsl line is annex a. i tried lots of annex a dsl lantiq binary firmware (like "vr9-A-dsl.bin") . i tried lots of configiration option. fritzbox 7360 v2 original fritzbox software can connect dsl and internet. but i installed openwrt to fritzbox. dsl not worked. i resend modem back. now i cant try configiration options. but i think problem was different. because dsl connection never show dsl handshake.it was like cable not connected.

Thanks for reply. Yes i'm Turkish. Where are u from ?

Bende memnun oldum. Tavsiye için teşekkür ederim.

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When writing in your native language, please always provide an english translation.
This way other users all around the world can take part in the discussion and possibly benefit from the outcome, without having to use a translator.

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