Fritzbox 7360 v2 cant connect ftp ADAM2 after recovery

Hello everyone. If reeder need be quick then can only read last of my documents problem section.

I'm huge fan of openwrt. I'm using adsl internet connection perfectly with bufallo WBMR-HP-G300H openwrt.

I'm buyed used fritzbox 7360 v2 (fritzbox 7360 netcologne edition. but its working with 7360 v2 lastest firmware). this model vdsl capable. lan 3 and 4 ports broken not working but lan port 1 and 2 is enough for me.

My story with 7360 v2 and problem:

  1. I'm set factory defaults to 7360 v2's fritzbox firmware (version 06.86 )
  2. I'm set dsl-isp settings for connection. Internet connection done without problem.
  3. I tried ftp ADAM2 connection for openwrt installation. Firstly i tried windows ftp command. Openwrt installation not done. Fritzbox firmware started not working.
  4. I tried ftp ADAM2 connection with ubuntu linux (with virtualbox in windows). Openwrt v21.02.0-rc4 installed succesfuly. I'm used luci openwrt interface on 7360 v2.
  5. I used lots of lantiq vdsl firmware binary file for dsl connection(included extracted from default fritzbox modem firmware). Annex setting is not wrong. I set all needed settings for my isp. But i cant see complete dsl connection...
  6. I'm turn back to fritzbox international firmware. (I'm not known old one german or international firmware) I'm used "FRITZ.Box_Fon_WLAN_7360-06.86.exe" recovery file. I'm turn back to fritzbox firmware successfuly. I tested isp connection again. Its succesfully.
  7. I tried german version of fritzbox rescue. "fritz.box_fon_wlan_7360-06.86-recover.exe". International or german version of rescue files not founding modem after power connection. Starting search for after power connection. but cant find modem...

May be this link about my problem. Fritzbox 4040 flash: FTP connection refused - #3 by mpa but i cant know how to using scripts.


I used ADAM2 ftp connection once. But i cant do it after fritzbox recovery.exe use.