I messed up my Archer C7 again

Hi I’m back.. I messed up again. I was having some small internet latency and figured I’d re-install the factory firmware of my Archer C7 v5 using a TFTP server, just as a clean slate. Now I can’t connect to my GUI ( I went through a whole fiasco before (linked here) when I bricked that router, and user OldNavyGuy was super patient with me and helped me get it back.
But now I’m stuck at the same spot I was, only the power button is on, and occasionally all the lights flash on for 1/2 second then it’s back to the power light.
I just need help I’m beating myself up over this. Thanks

There are pretty clear instruction at https://openwrt.org/toh/tp-link/archer_c7#installation_or_restore_with_tftp how to firmware via TFTP, so let me ask you this way: which part of those instructions do you not understand or which you feel isn't clear enough? Perhaps we can clarify those parts up for you.

I did those, one thing that stood out is it said it takes 3 to 5 minutes to flash the firmware. Should I leave the TFTP server open and wait 3-5 mins after using the TFTP server to install the firmware, even if the log says 100% complete right away?

Should not matter, but you also don't lose anything by leaving it open, do you? It's not like it costs you or something.

Did you also read the section about failed flashes? The part that says the following seems it might apply to you:

Let me explain what happened and how I was mislead by lights on the first place. When this settings in TFTP64 program were not set as described above (set as default). The file was downloaded to the router. But the file transfer took 1-2 sec (definitely quicker). After transfer, the power light blinked ONLY ONCE and stayed lit. Thus indicating - the router rejected BIN file, due to download errors (Presumably, I didn't have a USB console to confirm this)

Does that sound like your router?

Yes that sounds like that’s exactly what it’s doing. I’m going to read more in that article to see if I’m missing anything. Thanks

I followed the steps below the title “ Having trouble downloading bin file via TFTP on Archer c7 v5 (EU) - read this” , and it still isn’t debricking. Im just going to keep trying, that’s how I got it working before

Got it!! Had to use the factory TP-link firmware. The “arrow up and down” light finally stayed on while using TFTP to flash it, and the router rebooted and now all works. Thanks so much for your help and time. Appreciate it!

You're welcome! Just glad you got it going.

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