I hope you guys can help me 5GEE(2021) Zyxel NR5103

I have a 5GEE (2021) in fact it is a Zyxel NR5103 but it uses EE's firmware. Very few features and don't even update the firmware, I guess only openwrt firmware can save it. Built using MediaTek T750 platform, it integrates 5G SoC MT6890 and RF transceiver MT6190. The main control chip is MT6890, Cortex-A55 architecture, 4-core clocked at 2.0Ghz, supports 5G NSA/SA networking, 200Mb carrier aggregation and 256QAM modulation, up to It can provide 4.7Gb downlink and 2.3Gb uplink speeds.

Is this device listed in the Table of Hardware?

Unfortunately it's not on the list at the moment, but there are a lot of them with the same configuration that have openwrt。I think since the configuration is the same, he should be able to adapt and it should be faster.

thinking won't get you far, you need to know.

he = the NR5103 ?

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have you got telnet access?

Over on confusedbird, Eagle has completely stripped their NR5103e down and I've not seen serial access on any of the detailed images of the motherboard:

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I'm not going to read the whole referenced thread and the images in there aren't really good enough, however, I do spot two potential UART candidates, https://i.imgur.com/ozNsCWe.jpeg, between the black two-pin connector and "AD" - potential, no guarantees.


Sorry, I don't. Because EE company has locked the firmware, I don't know how to operate it. But the device I am talking about is the EE version of NR5103, not the THREE version of NR5103E. They are two products with different hardware configurations from two different operators.

Which devices are that? I didn't know any T7xx device was supported.

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I saw on Chinese forums that they adapted

Sorry about that. Hope you didn't give them your credit card number or any other personal details...

All OpenWrt supported devices are found in the ToH. If it's not there, then it's not supported

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This is a picture I found on a Chinese forum.It seems that Chinese netizens are much better than us

you better move there, yesterday.

if you like EOLed openwrt releases, with outdated security, go for it.
did I mention the possibility of it shipping with know and unknown back doors ?

it's also based on a vendor SDK, 19.07.7 didn't use the 4.19 kernel - https://openwrt.org/releases/19.07/notes-19.07.7#core_components, none of the official 19.07s did.


Regardless of whether it is outdated or not, Chinese netizens did make it and use it.

you do realize the original FW is "based on" Openwrt too, right ?
Zyxel didn't pull the code they use out of their noses....

Sure they are.

I was mostly interested in the OpenWrt support, and I thought baybe you were too since you posted your questions here. Sorry for misunderstanding. Good luck with your chinese software.


spyware rather ...

Ok, good for them...

The point is, someone took version 19.07.7 of OpenWrt, modified it to support a specific device, and is now selling that device, with their modified version of OpenWrt installed. If you want to know more about that software, you have to speak to them, because only they know what they modified.

Now, if you want to add official support for this device, then the fact that somebody is using a modified version of OpenWrt on it is mostly irrelevant, unless they are willing to share their modifications. So, if you want to fast-track this official support, you have to speak to them first.

Otherwise, this is just another unsupported hardware.

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you, the owner of the device, would have to do most of the porting/adding involved.

So, Zyxel use a forked Openwrt base for their device firmware, they never give back, they never submit changes upstream, and they mix in proprietary drivers.

What you have given screenshots of is of someone using the forked sourcecode that you can request from Zyxel, and using it to build an End of Life version of Openwrt and that's not really helpful.

Was this the NR5103, or the FWA510, as the EE NR5103 is impossible to request sourcecode for.

That's not my experience, with other operators at least. You can request and get source code dumps for operator branded software from ZyXEL. All you need is to provide them with a valid serial number.

But there isn't much point unless someone with this device is actually planning to do the work necessary to bring up a new target. The code they are running is a ZyXEL polished version of the Mediatek SDK/BSP for the T750.