I got more hardware to work on Orange Pi Plus 2 -- how to make it added to OpenWrt?


on a device I own -- Xunlog Orange Pi Plus 2 -- A sunxi sun8i Allwinner H3 Cortex A7 device -- I got onboard hardware working which was not selectable in the main OpenWrt make menuconfig:

  • DRM Display driver (LIMA GPU/ sun4i-drmdrmfb framebuffer), allowing to set the video mode of the framebuffer (useful if a small display for status display is attached to the HDMI port),
  • Audio in and out.

All that only by modifying some kernel config by hand and copying some files from the build_dir/ over to the machine -- i.e. all from the OpenWrt sources, no extra sources.

Where/ whom to contact to discuss the details so that selecting those features can be incorporated into the OpenWrt build system? Basically this is just telling about kernel config, which ideally could be implemented as choosable options in the OpenWrt configuration.

So far, I then only miss on that hardware support for:

And not tested yet:

  • Infrared (not tested yet, might just work),
  • RS232,
  • Onboard SATA (it is connected via USB),
  • the various GPIO pins.

And not tinkered with yet:

  • Support for the touchscreen I have via GPIO/ SPI.
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In all honestly, if you want video support etc you're probably looking at the wrong distro.

I have support. Well, it already supports simple-fb, so it supports video out. Why is it then wrong to have support of setting the video mode and maybe get hardware acceleration on that same hardware connector?

There is LCD4Linux to display status on external displays. This device has already a native interface for a display.

So why you consider it wrong to use what is already there, but instead support extra hardware for similar functionality?

I am not asking for a graphical environment like Wayland or Xorg. I still could use the text console for some output. Maybe also directly writing to /dev/fb0, or compiling statically some framebuffer image renderer and use LCD4Linux to generate images, or so (I think just using text console is very fine). What is wrong when I want to support something directly, that via other drivers and packages already is supported with extra hardware?


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