Technical documentation of the build system?

I am searching for detailed documentation how the OpenWrt build system is organised and works and different parts interact. Like an axiomatic description that, after reading, enables writing of Makefiles for new packages and devices etc. Is there any (apart from "look at how things are done in existing packages")?

The documentaion "Adding a new device" tells at the very beginning

A good all-round advice would be to start by looking at recent commits about adding a new device

which I find -- well -- kind of searching for the berries in the ground and holds me off from contributing (even though my contributions so far would be minor). Those stuff usually confuses me if it is the first information I have about a topic. It can serve as good examples to then use to start, but some axiomatic stuff setting the structure would be needed before.

Is there any explicit documentation about that stuff?

No, there is not. :wink:

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OK. -- It would also have helped me to debug an issue by myself instead of just opening an issue report with no hint to a solution or deeper cause.

If by any chance someone with the knowledge of the internal working of the build system finds capacity, I think it would be helpful to document that.


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