I can't port forward

Hi i have problem with port forwarding
(my port doesnt open)

I cloud yeasterday but now i cant

any fixes?
(btw i dont know how to use openwrt very good and i dont know how to install packages or other things)

  • Make sure your router has a public IP address.
  • Open the forwarded port in the local machine firewall.

BTW, it's not advised to open your web GUI to WAN.


Ye the router does have public ip and the port is fowarded in my local machine's firewall but it still not working

There is another way?

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I can't access it that way. Can't access thru openwrt.lan

I have no clue what you mean, especially since I'm not sure if this regarding my web GUI suggestion or your original port forward inquiry. I provided the information you as requested. I hope the best for your setup.

To assist with your port forward issue, you still need to verify what @vgaetera noted:

You also failed to note which of the port forwards listed that "stooped" working.

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thanks, for wishing my setup well

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i verified that but what does * * Make sure your router has a public IP address.* means, i dont have static ip, my ip changes everytime i restart my router

i verified that but what does * * Make sure your router has a public IP address.* means, i dont have static ip, my ip changes every time i restart my router

every port stopped listening, my port forwarding don't work anymore, only 80 is the only one oppend port

So this means you didn't verify the first one...

This has nothing to do with static/dynamic assignment of an IP. It means: Please verify that the IP address on you WAN interface matches the IP at: whatismyip.com

If it does not, you likely have a Carrier-based NAT or RFC1918 IP address. If so, it means that your ISP is preventing the forward by not supplying you a globally-accessible (i.e. public) IP address.


How are you testing the port forwards (from WAN, e.g. using 3, 4 or 5G on your cell phone, correct)?


My IP doesn't match with the interface, but its not from my ISP either i will try calling them later

Testing port forwards from WAN

:warning: "It's not from your ISP"???

(your wording is quite vague)

Meaning what???

  • It's a CGN IP?
  • It's a RFC1918 IP?
  • You setup the interface?

I recall this issue with a previous user...

Do you have a VPN or some privacy browser/software accidentally enabled on the test client or server?


I don't know what my IP is, i've setup 3 interfaces in openwrt which are = ETHERIP /LAN/ WAN

And no i don't use vpn

you can easily see your IP using sites as https://whatismyipaddress.com/

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no its not that, IM using IPv4 i just dont know whats CGN IP on RFC1918 IP


Maybe we can try by answering the question:

Try just telling us what that means.


You would check WAN.

Are we having an language barrier issue?


How are you how are you testing a Port Forward from WAN if you don't know the IP???


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I know the ip i dont know if its CGN IP or RFC1918 IP

He told you how to find out.

Go to one of the whatismyip sites, and get your public IP address.
Compare it with the IP you have on your routers' WAN interface.

Are they the same, yes or no ?