I can't port forward

no, they aren't

This means you are likely behind CGNAT.
Meanwhile port forwarding requires a public IP on your router.
Contact your ISP and ask them to provide a public IP.

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but i have public ip

Guys I dont have any activated IPv4 Routes i only have activated ipv6 routes, but im still using ipv4 connecting

you have a public IP but it's not "yours", it could be shared between several users.

its actually dynamic ip

That doesn't matter

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maybe there's problem with my firewall settings

Again, it's not a router issue, it's an ISP issue.

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It's not, i talked with my ISP and they said that they dont block anything

i think its a problem with my configuration

Did you ask the specifically about what you're trying to do?
Or did you ask them if they blocked ports?
Did you ask them about why your WAN address doesn't mach your public IP?

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I asked them why i cloudn't port forward they said they dont know they checked everything my ip and everything else and said that they dont block any ports

What they say doesn't contradict our statements....

What is the output of:
ip addr
ip ro
netstat -tulnp

Where should i check that?

If you tell us the IP address you have on WAN we will tell you what it means, I think this is the easiest fastest way forward.

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my IPv4 Address is

and my public ip is, i dont really care if u ddos me or anything thats why i give it away

Is that address the address assigned to your WAN interface? or to your laptop/desktop?

assuming you were looking in the right place and it's the WAN interface, then your address is a private address but NOT a CGNAT address (which would have started with 100.x.y.z for certain values of x). This means you have some device upstream of you which is doing NAT but probably not a CGNAT by your ISP.

Can you post the output of a traceroute we can discover where the NAT is happening.

traceroute can be done from the diagnostics menu in the LUCI gui as well.

no actually its assigment in my interface