I cant find openwrt for my roteur

i have a roteur huawei model DG8245V and i need openwrt for it can some one help me plz i need it

That's unfortunate as it's not supported. And judging by Support for Huawei DN8245V-56 aka "DG8245V-10" - For Developers - OpenWrt Forum there's not much appetite for anyone to put in the work to add support.

So you really only have two options:

  1. Use the device without OpenWRT, or

  2. get a new device which is supported.


I need to change to openwrt because my internet provider provides it with limited capabilities and I do not have the money to buy another device
Can't I download a copy to another device?

No, you can't.

Best case scenario, put it in bridge mode, and install another router behind it.

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Can you explain more I don't understand

Google "router bridge mode".

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ah ok ok broo i geet it