I bought a Mikrotik RBM44G

The docs say it has to be at firmware 6.45.8 or older.

When I try to load anything older than 6.46 I get an error not supported.

Does any dev want this board and case ? If not I am tossing it in the trash.

Get a try with netinstall from mikrotik tools.
Sometimes tricky to get it work at 1st, but always a success for mikrotik units to recover or downgrade.
Search over the forum for netinstall.

This doesn't appear to be related to OpenWrt, unless maybe a developer wants to take this off your hands and attempt to get OpenWrt running.

Since this is aimed at developers, I'm moving this to the developer subsection. But, because it isn't directly related to OpenWrt, I'm setting a topic timer for 1 week, at which point this topic will close.

I cannot find any references to m44g. If it is an m33g, it should work with the OpenWrt images as long as the bootloader is below version 7 (you can build a custom image that works with v7 boot with a patch). You may need to use an older image to netboot (https://github.com/openwrt/openwrt/issues/13255#issuecomment-1675384899).

RouterOS will not let you downgrade past the factory bootloader version. As to the wiki page, I posted some details on another topic:

In fact you can downgrade RB units any firmware down to Factory Firmware ( and as I mentioned previously only by using netinstall )
My old RB450g,still running dns, wireguard and dhcp and some other services.
To check factory firmware with winbox go to System ---> RouterBoard.

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