Mikrotik RouterOS v7.x and OpenWrt sysupgrade

Looks like that wiki page has been added to far to many times without anyone doing cleanup. Urgh, what a mess.

From what I have seen:
RouterBOOT v7 no longer works with the historic YAFFS ELF kernel boot. It wants YAFFS NPK bootimage boot, which OpenWRT does not do (yet).
ipq40xx NAND works, because it uses UBI to boot.

Aside from that, on some very old hardware, there is not enough RAM for RouterBOOT to be able to load an initramfs image, and a few devices can not boot an installed kernel either.

There are many versions of RouterBOOT where DHCP boot is broken: don't use it.

Someone said they had a hap ac3 which had LZ77 wlan data, but could seemingly not be bothered to share the data to get it to work: No Wireless Mikrotik RBD53iG-5HacD2HnD - #3 by digga106