HW offloading does not seem to work on MT7621, using version 23.05.2


I have a problem with not being able to reach the full potential of my 1 gbit internet connection. I'm running openwrt 23.05.2 on my Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X. (chipset: MediaTek MT7621)

It seems enabling/disabling software/hardware off loading has no impact on the speed I'm getting from my tests, which is around ~300 mbit/s.

CPU does not seem to be impacted either (with these settings on or off)

using Ubiquiti's original firmware I am able to around ~930mbit/s. in order to get this speed I also need to enable the hw offload setting. otherwise I would also get around the ~300mbit/s I'm getting now.

however in openwrt it seems this setting has no impact? am getting similar results in speed/cpu usage when the Hardware flow offloading
setting is either on or off.

no doubt I'm missing something, the hardware seems capable of it (when using Ubiquiti's original firmware) but what is it I'm missing when using openwrt?

thanks a lot in advance!

Take a look at https://github.com/openwrt/openwrt/issues/10224

it seems this issue has been on going for quite a while. no solution yet it seems.

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