[HOWTO] Installing OpenWrt on Cyberoam CR15(w)iNG and CR25(w)iNG

Sorry but the goal is to find a WIFI card that works correctly on this device

I am also waiting for other cards to test

You'd have the same issue with any other device, capable of post install of radio cards.

This isn't device specific.

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I see 14 of these cr15-ing available on eBay for £20 each without power supply.

Can anyone confirm the power supply required?

how did you expect them to work without one ?

That would be either 5.5/2.1 mm or 5.5/2.5 mm. The 2.1 is more common.

Probably if you remove the internal HDD and don't plug any substantial loads into the USB ports it could run on 3A.

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I don't.

Seems someone got opnsense running on this too.

It's x86, so yeah, not unexpected.
Pfsense too.

Same seller is now trying to shift at £12 each.

Still looking for a power supply

Something like this https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/404074895280, not sure if the power cord is replacable though, or if you'd have to replace the actual plug.

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Ordered, shall see if it's a £12 bargain.

At £12 it's probably even a cheap paper weight, unless you go out, and grab any random stone.

not found many 1.5kg stones


I recently purchased a Cyberroam CR25wiNG and have been hoping to do the exact same thing as you have mentioned here; the device is unbearably noisy and I want to keep the fans at a minimum speed unless the CPU is overheating. From what I have read, we have both gone through a very similar experience; I opened up the case and found a 3-pin fan (SUNON 12V 0.8W) but can't figure out any way to programatically control it.

Did you ever find a solution?

Swap it out, or read the other suggestions in the thread.

Hi frollic, I hope you're well, thanks for the original suggestion for buying one of these, you probably don't remember me, but you even found some eBay listings for me the other week :slight_smile: It has been a really fun learning experience.

Swapping it out is starting to become the option I'm regrettably starting to head towards - ideally there would be a way to lower the fan speed though because there is no guarantee that a new fan would be any quieter. I was losing hope of changing fan speed until I found some chat on this thread about people trying to do the same as me. From what I read though, nobody came up with a full solution, unless I missed a comment.

The model name should be on the fan, google it, to get the specs.

But if you want something quiet, but still easy to buy, get a Noctua fan.

You could, just for a little while, unplug the fan, and check the temps using lmsensors, see how hot the CPU gets, without active cooling.

While it should be possible to build something GPIO controllable, here is the ready-to-use solution:

The case fan is a SUNON HA40101VA-D030-C99 and the CPU fan is a SUNON MB40101V2-0000-G99. I don't know much about PC cooling fans, but from what I read SUNON is actually a pretty good brand and is comparable to Noctua fans - so I'm not sure whether Noctua would be any improvement (Given 2 Noctua fans would cost more than the entire Cyberoam, I'm quite hesitant to spend the money if I may not even be in a better position).

Interesting, I didn't even realise the Cyberoam had GPIO pins. I'm actually a software engineer and have already created systems for monitoring CPU temperature and controlling generic fans via GPIO and basic electronics on other systems, so I could easily modify this to accommodate the Cyberoam CR25wiNG assuming it is easy to programmatically get the CPU temperature and interface with the GPIO (Edit: Finding any information about the GPIO layout of the device is proving nearly impossible :frowning:)

I simple way would be to add a resistor in to reduce the speed.

You could add a potentiometer to have a dial to control the speed. This would be manual.

You could perhaps use a thermistor, this is a resistor that changes with temperature.

Just adding a few ideas to the mix!