How to use the pcap file

Can you please elaborate on that?

Download it to your PC and open it with wireshark.


Please share the link. I don't remember seeing it anywhere.

What link?

If Wireshark, it isn't OpenWrt-related, and the link was provided above nonetheless:

To read a packet capture file use tcpdump -r <path to pcap file>. You can also use libpcap filters to display just filtered packets of interest. See and


Depends on your use case and needs.

I use sngrep to analyze VoIP traffic:

sngrep -I <path-to-pcap-file>

It may help if the poster explained:

  • How OpenWrt is related
  • How the OpenWrt produced the pcap file
  • The purpose/reason the OP generated the file

I believe the OP is referencing this thread/post - Help with Softflowd and exporting netflow data to PRTG - #35 by RuralRoots

  • How OpenWrt is related?

    • it is related to the OpenWrt/Packages repository and enhancements I made to the softflowd package for use in OpenWrt.
  • How the OpenWrt produced the pcap file

    • multiple Openwrt utilities are capable of producing such files. It would seem logical that the OP would seek clarification with no prior knowledge of a pcap file.
  • The purpose/reason the OP generated the file

    • based on the poster’s use case in the above referenced thread, I suggested a packet capture file might also be useful.

That is correct!


Thanks for verifying a related thread - your posts didn't mention it whatsoever.

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Perhaps - I don't assume much in these forums. I surmised the OP had more knowledge given they were seeking information on netflow (i.e. rather advanced).

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Yeh, I did too. Based on his/her query, the poster appeared to have an understanding to the forensic capabilities in Netflow data streams.