How to setup VLANs on OpenWrt for Linksys WRT1900AC

I am attempting to help a friend setup VLANs on their OpenWRT router. They have a Linksys WRT1900AC and I have PFsense as my router. I understand how to do it in PFsense and its easy but I am all confused on OpenWRT. This router has 2 CPUs and I don't know what to tag on what. Could someone help me? I plan to use 1 port for all the VLANs and I will tell my friend that they need to get a Managed Switch to use it properly.

Look out for the VLAN section. For your device v1 cpu/eth0 is for LAN tagging.
If you want to add another VLAN you have to set cpu/eth0/vid=1 always as "tagged" to indicate that it is for LAN otherwise the cpu would not know if it is meant for LAN or WAN (cpu/eth1/vid=2). Then you have just to set the LAN ports to your needs.

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Would I tag each LAN port as tagged? also how would I set the firewall to prevent vlans from communication from each other?

As you need. If you connect a plain device (pc/phone/whatever) which is not aware of tags you would not tag it. If you connect another router/managed switch you would probably tag it.

For firewalling you just create an new interface assigning your newly created vlan and create after a new firewall zone attaching your new interface and set the the zone rules according to your needs.

If you need more detailed help, you need to describe your scenario. You could search the forum also. There are a lot of threads about VLANs. E. g. Firewall VLAN Setup Help (recently). That can give you an idea.